286, Borno Way, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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VALENTINE AYO-AJAYI & CO is an indigenous firm of Chartered Accountants established with a view of pioneering positive change within the Accountancy profession through a well-structured, polices, strategies and standards that’s exhibits a very high quality of professional work. The firm is positioned to provide innovative, efficient, and dynamic and value adding Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Tax management, Financial and Management consulting to meet the need of our esteem client (Individual and business community)

At VALENTINE AYO-AJAYI & Co., our aim is to redefine the statutory auditing process. Our consummate professional experiences, strong intellectual, academic   and diverse backgrounds coupled with integrity acquired over the years will help us to be able to effectively service our client, some of whom, we believe through our partnership, will develop into big conglomerates. We are committed to service excellence and added value for our client.

We take great care with our work, we are very thorough, detailed and painstaking and we will be appreciated only by a discerning clientele that have a desire for value.

The firm has in-depth knowledge of operations or the Nigerian industry and the managing partner has, at one time or the other in his professional career, handled different companies that cut across various sectors in the economy. We also assist clients in capacity building programs, business plans and credit sourcing.

As a firm that has a passion for value and international accreditation, our aim is to be internationally recognized as a member of a good number of international Accounting Associations so as to take advantage of modern business development such as e-commerce and e-business.

We have 10 years of expert and customer satisfaction experience including top-notch methodology and approach:

Our approach to each of the services will depend on its nature. However, our general approach will be a guide with which other services will be carried out with appropriate modification to suite work problems and achieve the desired result.