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Our Methodology and Approach

Our approach to each of the services will depend on its nature. However, our general approach will be a guide with which other services will be carried out with appropriate modification to suite work problems and achieve the desired result. The general approach is as stated below.

Stage 1- Mandate

The first step is the appointment of Valentine Ayo-Ajayi + Company as an auditor/financial consultant to your business. This usually takes the form of an appointment letter to be written and signed by our clients or the representative of our corporate clients.

Stage 2- Task Assessment

Task assessment involves in dept analysis of the job concern with a view to determining the time and cost implication and to clearly agree with the clients the extent to which performance of assignment will be based.

Stage 3 – Task Implementation

This stage will involve clear cut execution of assignments based on the agreed terms of reference with clients.

Stage 4- Report writing

Our report will contain detailed of the major areas within the scope of the assignment as agreed in our terms of reference. The scope of such assignment will apparently determine its completion period. The report will highlights ‘THE GREY AREAS” to the business and provide necessary recommendations as required.